Revelation of Isais

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The text "Revelation of Isais" has been translated from German. The translator tried to be as close as possible to the German original. However, German and English are quite different in some cases and the text was written in an old poetic German language. That is why the text was also translated as free as necessary. If you find any mistakes, please contact us.

In 1238 Isais appeared German knights at the Ettenberg, Berchtesgadener Land and gave them the following revelation.


True I speak – for your hearing.

Image I give – for your seeing.

Speak knowledge and wisdom, all comprising,

from the pre-beginning until the end of the end.

Speak neither allegory nor symbol,

no indirect word,

clearly I give lore, what was, what is.

Human being, because connected to earth,

sanctified to die – but immortal at the same time.

Star children, heavenly born –

much thousendfold older as the world here.

Light force sons and daughters of brilliance,

Heaven dwellers lost in darkness.

Light livelily – but succumbed to shadow,

eternally – but not free of dying.

Rambler over the ridges of the worlds,

new born in this world – but destined for beyond.

Children of God, but not godlike.

Much more is to say about man.

Old is their kind – young is their world.

Unborn the human being,

existing since the pre-beginning, will always be.

Pre-beginning was, when all was given from pre-eternity;

neither was space nor time.

Unsubstantial sleeping the beings all there,

before Allfather took pity on them,

created measurable time, created space,

wander able: worlds of heaven.

There, the seeds of the beings fell in;

Eternity became out of pre-eternity,

Beginning derived from the pre-beginning.

Allfather came down to care about the beings.

Spending life vitality, arousing souls, awaking spirits.

Heavens worlds life and weaving awoke now,

the beings realized their own kind.

Were such, who became man later,

were such, who became animals,

were such like green plants –

and were daemon spirits.

But all not like earth knows today,

what fell from the heaven worlds.

It is heaven descended, what lives on earth,

once escaped from Allfather’s light,

seeking foreign shadows – not knowing.

Because a prince of shadow raised against the worlds of heaven,

to defy Allfather.

An empire of shadow the prince of shadow created himself-

away from the heavens: The dark hell.

Empty endlessness between these worlds extends,

no one, who reconciled there.

While on the middle, between darkness and light,

mighty spirits themselves build Walhall.

Allfather’s bold gods live there,

forever fight prevails between them and hell.

But numerous beings deserted from heaven’s worlds,

to see the hell.

Later they became man.

Such all descended into faint,

forgetting everything what was.

For these fallen Allfather straight created a new world.

Earth’s kingdom in this world with the universe of stars,

to rebirth for the lost droves,

footpath until earthly dying

and door to heavenly homecoming.

(this translation will be continued)

Isais Offenbarung (German Version)

Original Source

Freundeskreis Causa Nostra: Arcanorum. Causum Nostrum - das lebendige Ordensbuch. 2005