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Original Gospel of John/Jovian (Fragment)
(translated from the German version)


1. In the beginning there was God. And His word was Him, and God was the word.

2 But only in the beginning the word was in God alone. For after God, through His word, had created all things in the worlds of His heavenly kingdom and when He had given enlifenment from the power of His life to all beings, those who were of cognitive spirit spoke the word "God". This was the true beginning.

3 So all things were created by the word of God. Equally the many worlds of His heavenly kingdom, which are there for all the living beings, so that they can become aware of themselves and act and create.

4 Thus was the beginning, in which all living beings of spirit, who come into the earthly world, had once taken part. It was that beginning, when the word "God" no longer dwelt alone in God, but in virtue of its importance, taking effect in each and spoken by everyone, relates to the one, who is the word: God.

5 Likewise as the word in the beginning, the power of light and the true light of the Holy Spirit and being were in God alone. God alone was the word and the true light and true life.

6 When God had created the worlds of His kingdom and had given all the beings endowed with spirit from the power of His life, the now living beings enjoyed their being; and each of them, according to their respective nature, character and spiritual skills, was acting in the heavenly kingdom. Thus was the beginning and the time following the beginning.

7 But not all of the living beings were capable to speak the word "God" and to comprehend its meaning and what it is. From all the living beings this comprehension was only given to those endowed with a cognitive spirit; that is a spirit capable of understanding the word and its meaning and therewith spiritually beholding and conceiving the holy being of God.

8 All those beings, who conceived the word, all those were also able to perceive - in feeling and knowledge - that they are children of God. All beings without cognitive spirit, such as animals and plants, could neither speak the holiest word "God" nor comprehend God's being.

9 In such cognition of being God’s children and of His power of life, taking part of His word and His light, which as the power of the nature of His Holy Spirit of truth enlightens everyone and displayed everything that exists, they lived in peace and acted blissfully as it is in true childhood of God.

10 Alive in God's power of life they knew neither becoming nor decay. By virtue of the holy word of God they knew nothing contrary to the word. Part of the light of His spirit and His being, they knew no darkness.

11 And the children of God in the heavenly kingdom could not know that God in His spirit is the eternal truth, because the opposite, the lie, was completely unknown. For in God's kingdom everything was pure.

12 Containing word, living power and light of God within themselves, acting according to them and therefore similar to God, they felt the very bliss of holy peace, which every child of God hallows as His likeness.

13 Eons of times of eternity passed in peaceful acting and blissful being. Truly holy acting and creating brought ever new joys of unfolding of spirit and skills, to praise God.

14 The smallest one in skills and spirit rejoiced at the greater and great skills of another, who in turn rejoiced at introducing smaller and small spirits into his knowledge. And God called all of them his "angels".

15 Up to then the word "God" and this word's spiritual power had applied to all - despite the vast inequality among the angels concerning the unfolding of skills and creativity. All over the same peace and the same undisturbed blissfulness prevailed. Nothing caused distress. For the heavenly worlds of God's kingdom were created according to His nature, so that all kinds of distress are completely excluded.

16 And nevertheless an occurrence arose, which slowly caused something hitherto unknown intruding into God's kingdom. At first it remained something odd, but was gradually spreading more and more and causing disturbance.

17 For long times numerous crowds of God's children did not sense what might be going on, albeit they heard from greater angels, that some great angel now claimed the word "God" for himself and demanded from God, to make his being such as God's being and endow him with the spiritual power, which only belonged to God and could only belong to Him.

18 Large multitudes of angels did not understand such demands. And they followed the advices given by greater and great angels, not to pay attention to the occurrence, but to go on in their previous activities and not let themselves get disturbed. And most of them were willing to comply.

19 However soon the angel, who had uttered such a defiant demand and dared to meet God with it, became worse and worse. He sought for adherents and found such among the crowds of angels. And soon in God's kingdom words and sounds hitherto unknown were heard, namely such as "envy", "anger", "selfishness", "haughtiness", "lie", "treason" and "greed". And right because the meaning of these words was unknown to God's children, large multitudes of them were allured to get to know their meanings.

20 So after God's holy creating, an occurrence arose in the heavenly kingdom, which was alien to it and completely opposed to God's work. Intended to overthrow His kingdom and to erect a new one, in which everything would be exactly the opposite, against God and against God's children, who it would devour and force them to worship the creator of darkness and call him "God".

21 And large droves of angels wandered to see and hear that great angel and his adherents, who claimed to create something new and magnificent hitherto unknown. And some of them asked each other, whether God would know about it.

22 And as they were wandering, they discovered something in infinite remoteness, which was alien and new to them and filled them with wonder. For what they saw was exactly the opposite of the light in God's heavenly kingdom. Many of them were frightened and turned away. Others however said, "Behold! That great angel can really create unheard-of things we have hitherto never seen."

23 More and ever more droves of angels came. At the sight of the remote darkness many of them turned around and went back to where they had come from. Some of the approaching great angels spoke to those who stayed and advised them to turn back and away from the horrible creation of the dark great angel, who had opposed God and the heavenly kingdom and all angels.

24 That great angel called God's kingdom a "bogus kingdom", which he soon would smash. Many of the angels however took so much delight in those deeds, that they called the dark angel according to his desire by the word "God". Yet they still hesitated to follow him entirely.

25 But more and more crowds of God's children came, to see the new from afar. And although many of them turned away and went back, bearing in mind the advices of the great angels, even more approached in flocks. And admiringly the multitude watched the dark one's creation.

26 And a crowd of other angels and great angels approached. And they spoke to the ones watching there, "Look at us and then look at each other! If you so much have deaf ears, just look how badly your nature has already changed now. Your faces do reflect that, too!

27 Since you have been wandering here between the light of the heavenly kingdom and the glow of darkness of the evil spirit, you have changed. It is still time to turn around! Don't you recognize that you - and we together with you - will soon enough be as far away from the light of God's kingdom as that crowd over there, who is wandering in darkness? We have already gone across the center line between light and darkness!"

28 Thereupon many among the crowds spoke and replied: "For a long time we have not seen the light of God's kingdom anymore!" And then wails of horror were arising from one to another and from crowd to crowd. And many of the front most ones halted. Horror and fright seized most of the angels, and sadly spoke those who had come to their warning and who were the only ones among the multitudes characterized by their own light, "It is too late!"

29 Those that wantonly turn their back on God, who wantonly leave His heavenly kingdom, to head towards darkness; those who forget the holy word of God and instead listen to the lie and take pleasure in its evilness - must reach this abyss and bear the self-induced misery.

30 However so that you will not be lost, we will stay with you and share your fate; trusting in God who never abandons anyone of His [meaning: those who belong to Him].

31 But the way you have come to be now, none of you fits into God's kingdom any longer.

32 Like all of us you have neither known becoming nor decay. Now, however, by the raging of the evil spirit, who created darkness, you have got to know becoming - and you will experience decay.

33 For him and likewise for you the light of the heavenly kingdom is gone. For him and his probably forever. For the most of you, however, it is probably only gone for a time. What will affect you now and us together with you, is the first dying, from which only God can awaken us.

34 And when He will do so, we as well will experience the becoming in ourselves, so as to die a second time. Prior to this second dying you and we will go paths, which either lead back home to the heavenly kingdom of light - or will end in the slough of hell of the evil one, the adversary, who is the father of all lie, the reprobate, the Shaddai, whom you followed."

35 And everywhere among the multitudes of the deserted arose a fierce and horrified wailing. And they were seized with despair like suffocation.

36 Now one among the great angels who had stayed with them out of compassion spoke, "Allmerciful eternal God, father of life! Following Your holy spirit we will stay among those. So that we can serve You and them when, how and where ever You will call us to do so."

37 Then it gradually fell quiet all over, in the lightless sea of unconsciousness, oblivion and silence.

Fragment No. 1

1.1 But also among the Jews there were some, who believed in Christ and stood together with the others of the peoples.

1.2 And Jesus spoke unto them, "Those who hear My word and conceive it in their souls and strive for acting according to this spirit, will come to Me into My kingdom after the dying of the earthly body.

1.3 And will thus have true life and know no dying any longer for all eternity.

1.4 As you adhere to My word and will act according to its spirit, you will be called children of light already here on earth and be children of God.

1.5 Recognizing the eternal truth will free you from evil and lead you to true freedom".

1.6 Meanwhile some of the superiors among the Jews had approached and had also heard this and called unto Jesus, "We are Abraham's seed, and have never been slaves. How dare you talking about real freedom?"

1.7 So Jesus turned unto them and answered them, "You claim you have never been in slavery? Not in Chaldea and Babylon? Not in Egypt and now under Rome?

1.8 At the same time some of yours have been and are at all major places and cities of the peoples, in order to make them your slaves your way!

1.9 However I do not speak about the reign of the mighty peoples over the backward ones and not of the reign of the great over the petty ones neither.

1.10 I speak about the slavery of soul and spirit, which becomes the servant of evil and renders bondservice to the evil with relish and malice.

1.11 I know well, that you are Abraham's seed. Mine are not of this seed."

Fragment No. 2

2.1 While Jesus was teaching, more and more Pharisees and other Jews approached, and they said unto him, "Will you make yourself God or so, while you are a man? You bear witness to yourself, cursed uncircumcised?"

2.2 Thereupon Jesus answered,"I bear witness to Myself by My words and deeds; and My deeds assert My words.

2.3 I know well, where I have come from and where I will go. I have frequently told you, that I have come from heaven and not from this world.

2.4 You however refuse to believe so; for you are children of the darkness and the lie;

2.5 that is why lie and evil act in you thus that you cannot understand Me, because you turn away from light and hate the truth.

2.6 I bear witness to Myself, and My deeds assert the truth, that I speak."

Fragment No. 3

3.1 And while Jesus spoke, the Pharisees cursed Him and so did other Jews and they bad-mouthed Him the son of a whore.

3.2 However Jesus spoke unto exactly those, "You will die in your darkness and also suffer in the coming life by the very same darkness, which you praise as your light.

3.3 More than a few of you will then try to search, but not find Me. For where I go, they cannot arrive, because they are steeped in malice and darkness, but shun the light of truth.

3.4 They enjoy themselves in darkness, because their deeds are evil, even if they call them good in the evil spirit of their mendacity.

3.5 They falsely suppose to be justified, when they offer a fat ram as a gruesome blood and burnt sacrifice; for they are stricken with darkness of soul and spirit!"

3.6 Now the Jews yelled angrily, "Cursed be this one with all curses of the law! Stone him who speaks such blasphemy!"

3.7 But still none dared to throw a stone against Jesus and some of the ones who had also listened to Him called, "He speaks the truth!"

3.8. Turning to these ones Jesus spoke, "If you wish to stay in My word and follow it in your deeds towards each other and all, then you will be Mine, children of eternal truth, and you will be free from darkness."

Fragment No. 4

4.1. And Christ spoke: "All of you have been with Me in My kingdom for eons of times, acting in blissful peace;

4.2. however all of you have turned away from Me, and have left My kingdom of the true world, created for you, to follow the one, who together with his crowd had abandoned My kingdom so as to create his own world and to be a 'god' of the kingdom of the hellish slough, filled with darkness, lie and death.

4.3. You have followed him, but you have not reached the slough of hell of his world, instead, out there in the worldless emptiness beyond the true world of My kingdom, you have lost consciousness and fallen prey to the faint of oblivion of all that had been -

4.4 and that was your first dying.

4.5 Dying, yes - but not a death of destruction, of dissolution and of non-being, for such a death does not exist; and the one who nevertheless proclaims such a death and threatens with it, is the very same liar as that father of the lie, to whose boasting you once have succumbed and fallen prey: El Shaddai.

4.6 Not he, but I have created the earth’s realm together with the universe of this world, so that each of you may pass through it once, and what was not possible in the true world of My realm: will recognize on earth and through your earthly body on yourself the good and the evil, will indeed have to recognize it, for you will not need to be told what is good and what is evil.

4.7 My creation could neither be permanently hidden from him, El Shaddai; and when he found the way to earth, which is inhabited by human beings, who already erstwhile were closer to him than others and who had taken more pleasure in his deeds than others, he and his intruded there and having revealed himself by prophets of his spirit, his striving and his darkness, there as well he conducts himself as if he were God;

4.8 and that he found ample adherents in faith, you and many among you are the living witness thereof.

4.9 There is no worse and deeper darkness than the Hebrew scripture (1); but it is praised as light by the hypocrites.

4.10 There is no lie more insidious than this scripture - but it is highly praised as truth by the hypocrites, and its malice in unprecedented misanthropy is called 'graciousness', 'mercy', 'justice'!

4.11 That is why I Myself have come from heaven to you and stand in front of you in a human body akin to yours, and My deeds prove and assert My word:

4.12 I am the eternal truth, the true light, the beginning and the way to true eternal life!

4.13 And all who want to be taught by God, who want to hear His word and to recognize God within truth, will come to Me - and will not be able to bypass Me.

4.14 For he who is full of good intentions will stay with Me - and his is My kingdom!"

(1) Hebrew scripture = Old Testament

Fragment No. 5

5.1 (Beginning is missing) "... honestly only strives for, leads to Me into My kingdom and thus to eternal life.

5.2 Humans die - but what dies in them is only the discarded earthly body, but never they themselves, because they themselves, what constitutes their being, are soul, spirit and life, and this trinity is indestructible and also undetachable."

5.3 Thus taught God, the Lord Christ His [followers] again during the day and so evening drew near.

5.4 Then Jesus reminded them of the food, saying: "All the mental and spiritual nourishment on earth cannot replace eating - and those who are hungry, hear only half of the word of God."

5.5 But His exclaimed, "Lord, how could we eat when we are faced with Your words! And especially now, when we have learned what a terrible fate the Jews are planning for You, which all of us and also many in town will not allow to happen!"

5.6 At this point Jesus raised his right hand and said: "None of you could prevent it, not even the powerful governor, whose cohorts are not here now and who is therefore powerless and will have to let it happen.

5.7 And I also tell you again, what must happen, will happen,

5.8 so that the wickedness and malice, all the misanthropy and thirst for revenge of the Hebrew god's followers will become obvious, their rage of destruction against everything that is good and beautiful, pure and sublime; and their hatred against the light of truth and true eternal life, against the light of the true God and self-awareness..." (rest is missing)

Fragment No. 6

6.1 (Beginning is missing) "... persuade those among the peoples who are seeking help to address Me as, 'Lord Jesus, Son of David, help us'. And once I have helped them, they are supposed to thank the Hebrew god, because he allegedly had given Me the strength to help them; and thus drive people into a wrong faith;

6.2 for nothing is more distant from the Hebrew god and more hated by him - as well as impossible - than the deeds I do and the word I speak!

6.3 Again and again you want to order Me away, yelling why I have turned exactly unto you and not unto other peoples.

6.4 And again I say unto you, I have turned unto you, because in you the mental and spiritual darkness of falsehood and malice is worst. You know it yourselves. That's why you curse Me and swear the most terrible vengeance unto Me, which as a lasting witness and as an insight for all people I will endure and have raged out on Me, if I wish.

6.5 So do not cry for My father. If you wanted to recognize me, you would know the father;

6.6 for he who knows Me, knows the father, whom you do not know, as you are not willing to recognize Me. [ThuleTempel comment: Christ is obviously explaining that He is His own father.]

6.7 Therefore, My word does not cling to you. For My word only clings to the children of light and life - but not to you(1), who are the children of the father of all lies, all evil and darkness, who has blocked the way to eternal life for you by the revelations in your scripture(2), so that you shall believe in a death of complete extinction, and therefore turn all your thoughts and energy to entirely earthly issues and consider the most diabolic crimes, which you commit unto other peoples in order to increase your own effortless well-being, equally to your father to be justified.

6.8 As his very first commandment he assigns you to just not seek the knowledge of good and evil, so as to avoid that you examine his cravings and your deeds whether they are good or evil(3).

6.9 Again I say unto you, you are children of the abyss!

6.10 You are from below, I however have come from heaven. Because there is My kingdom. But when I am here, the heavenly kingdom is with Me on earth.

6.11 Behold, I speak the truth and do the deeds of truth. You however do not want to accept it, do not want to listen to Me, to believe Me.

6.12 That is why you will die in the desire and the sins of your and your father's darkness!"

(1) Jews (2) Old Testament (3) The Fall of Man: Eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil

Fragment No. 7

7.1 When the holiest mother, seized by deep pain, sank down in front of the cross, she clasped her hands, looked up to Christ and begged,

7.2 "Lord, do not let me suffer this. Take me with You!"

7.3 And Christ spoke unto her from the cross, "Mother, dear mother! You must stay seven more times to be a support for Mine.

7.4 Behold, mother. There is John. May he be your son now."

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